Fashion + Film

Why Costume Curation Matters

Amsterdam, 2023

Moon In October

Brussels, 2021

Creative art direction project

Combining psychology, fashion and film.

Still shot from the video ‘Who are you?’

Who are you? What makes you you? How do you define yourself?
What does sensitivity mean?
What does sensitivity mean to you?
These are questions about a person, a personality, a quality, a sensitivity.

We live in a world, a situation where connection is a paradox. We are isolated but we stay connected. We long for connection, but are we truly connected?
By combining someone’s personality with fashion design, the goal of Moon In October is to create fashion with depth, and to tell a story in the format of a short movie.
Because when you really start listening, unknown or unconscious details, desires can be revealed.
Because it is not about the surface.

I interviewed people on the topic of quality and life.
Based on the interviews , I created a piece of clothing tailored for them.
Once the piece of clothing is finished we shot the third part, which is the person wearing the piece of clothing in a defined set.

The persons recieve a piece of clothing, made for them, based on their deepest thoughts and a short movie in which they are the main character.

Still shot from the video from the ‘Who are You?’ series, with Idyl

Movie for De Kringwinkel

Brussels, 2021

Complete creative art direction

Direction of a short movie for De Kringwinkel.

About the paradox of liking being at home, all alone and the drive for connection, reconnection.