Fashion Design

Have you ever wondered why fashion matters?

Why I studied fashion.

When deciding to study fashion design, I had no previous experience in art, or any other creative activities. I was interested in the world, society and helping people.
But there is something that I realised that was powerful in the fashion industry. Fashion is not only about clothes and about the way you show yourself to the world.
It is a creative industry that is influenced by the past, the present and the future and it is capable of changing things.
Still, there are a lot of environmental issues that need to be resolved, as the textile industry is one of the most damaging industries.
But fashion has the capability to understand the world, to adapt, to tell stories and to change things.

What are things that you think are currently changing or taking another shift?

Rebranding project: Patou Vacances

Master in Creative Direction Final Project

Polimoda, Firenze, 2O2O

This was a complete 360 degree rebranding of the fashion brand Jean Patou. Developped a complete business model, communication and marketting strategy and designed a collection of 50 styles. Book can be send per request.

Borderline between what and what?

Bachelor Final collection

Kask, Ghent, 2019

Designed and produced a collection inspired by the feeling of being misunderstood.

Jeux Interdits

Second bachelor collection.

Kask, Ghent, 2019

Designed and produced a collection about the influence of childhood. Inspired by the movie Mr. Nobody by Jaco Van Dormael.