Art Direction

Art direction is what gives me the most life. I try to understand people and society and create an image for it. By combining different elements such as storytelling, colors, structure, light and materials I think about scenes and everything that is needed for the image.

How are you?

‘How are you?’

A question that is so important to ask, especially during fragile times.
It is so easy to do and it can be really meaningful to someone.
Be there for each other.
Try to really listen to each other.

(On) hold (on)

‘(On) hold (on)’

This is a video about menal health during the past year.
This is when I started questioning time, feelings and needs.
The questions for this video were ‘How do you REALLY feel?’ and ‘What do you REALLY need?’.
We often aswer too quickly saying that everything is good but sometimes opening up or really listening to someone can change lives.