Social Media

(Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)

Starting from march 2021, I began to work consistently on my personal brand on Instagram.
Having an online voice is showing your true self, in a variety of content forms (text, photo, video, reels, IGTV, stories), opening discussions and sharing stories. The storytelling, the philosophy behind every post and making it coherent is what I learned and enjoyed doing in these past months.

I am developing a personal aesthetic and philosophy, engaging with a like-minded audience, working on hashtag research and I try to post quality content consitently. I am interested in social strategies, copywriting, social media marketing, SEO, the social media algorithms and all of Instagram fuctions (reels, IGTV, guides, stories, live).
I also created a Tik Tok account and a Youtube channel to have an online voice on cross-over platforms.